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a project that will be a showcase around the world. Get involved in an initiative that will make a difference and reap the rewards from continuous initiatives from Atauro Group to the world.

About Us

We Are Atauro Group

A diversified investment project that supports socio-economic initiative. View our video to find out more.

About ATR Token

ATR is a diversified investment holdings company that is founded by a team of entrepreneurs with the common values of shared prosperity and creating positive socio-economic impact that will make the world a better place.


Our Mission

ATR empowers social community development initiatives to create generational impact that will improve the way we live.

Atauro Group is a diversified investment project with an underlying dynamic ecosystem built around a crypto exchange with ATR as its token, investing in assets development and eco-tourism projects supporting at-risk communities in South-East Asia

Green tropical island
Village in Palawan

A Pipeline for Transformation.

Through a series of asset development and community engagement projects, we strive to bring social economic change with the aim of saving our cherished environment and its people.

ATR Tokenomics

Total Supply10,000,000 ATR100%
*Minted Tokens10,000,000 ATR100%
Public Sale2,500,000 ATR25%
Staking Rewards500,000 ATR5%
Pre-Sale (Locked)1,000,000 ATR10%
Project Allocation5,000,000 ATR50%
Dev Team1,000,000 ATR10%

Our Projects


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